My Body iis a Cage

2020. Adobe Illustrator.

This piece was created to portray how the mind is the one thing we as humans can control; ultimately being the key to happiness. It draws inspiration from the lyrics of the song “My Body is a Cage”, which I discovered while watching Santa Clara Vanguard’s 2018 marching field show “Babylon”. The leftmost panel represents a collapsed quantum wave function, the middle panel represents a quantum wave function before collapse, and the rightmost panel represents two entangled “particles”. I created an analogy, comparing the infinite probabilities within a wave function to the infinite probabilities of the mind, while the body only presents us one choice: similar to a collapsed wave function. This analogy is deeply rooted in my own emotions and journey with creativity, as my body often felt like a cage, while my mind—specifically my art—granted me the power of freedom and happiness.